Elevating our Impact with Colombian Artisans : The Heart of Nini Mebuke

Nini Mebuke was founded on the belief that everyone deserves the chance to elevate the way they look and feel every day. Our footwear is worn with confidence and we want our customer to feel stylish and still true to herself. 


But Nini Mebuke is about more than just achieving an effortless style. One of Nini’s core values is an appreciation of artisan culture and global craftsmanship. The cultural traditions of Colombia, its welcoming people, and its diverse landscape inspired our first designs, as they do today. Supporting the artisan design and craft techniques handed down through families for generations energized us to start our business. The beauty and richness of artisan handcraft is the reason all of our collections are handmade in Bucaramanga, Colombia. 


Our Bucaramanga artisans and craftspeople are an integral part of Nini Mebuke. Their impeccable skill and attention to detail ensure the creation of the highest quality footwear. Their mastery of techniques used for centuries allows us to bring together Colombian cultural traditions and modern design for our statement-making shoes. These people are not just manufacturers. They are at the heart of what we do. Our business is designed to improve their lives by providing sustainable income opportunities – and improve your life with effortlessly stylish shoes.

Every time you slip on a pair of Nini Mebuke shoes, be assured that your shoes help provide jobs that sustain local culture. Part of our company’s mission is creating a positive social impact in the communities that craft our shoes. Maintaining the traditions of handmade expression is important to us. We want to be part of building stronger economic communities because that expands access to education and provides a more secure way of life. The economic welfare of the communities where our shoes are made is a priority of our founder. When you slip on your favorites, know that local artisans make each pair by hand, down to the finely-stitched soles.  

Because we have genuine respect for the artisans and craftspeople who make our shoes, it was important to us that we take care of the planet we share with them. We practice sustainable manufacturing. With our seasonal collections produced in small, custom orders, we are able to give our customers the highest-quality materials and construction with minimal waste. We work in partnership with the people of 

Bucaramanga. Because of our ties to the wellbeing of our artisans and their families,  we make sure our business uses resources ethically and responsibly. 


Bucaramanga is a small town rich in tradition. It’s where our vision was born. We felt connected to the beautiful local scenery and inspired by the rich colors and textures of this beautiful small town. It’s in the spirit of friendship and appreciation for the local craftspeople that we provide employment for the families who make our shoes. Every pair of Nini Mebuke shoes is made with high quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and respect for global artisans. You can feel confident, knowing that you supported local craft traditions – and you look fantastic doing it.