Tami Conway

Few people embody the soul-bettering, body-nourishing, life-loving vibe of the total wellness lifestyle better than Tami Conway. As co-founder of Chicago fitness studio SALT, she embodies her slogan “Strong Always, Live Today” in everything she does. With her thoughtfully-curated collection of online workouts and recipes, Tami is a source of inspiration for others hoping to incorporate healthier habits. 
 With a fresh season ahead, this is the perfect time to get to know Tami and learn more about how she makes her lifestyle look effortless. 
One of the first questions we had for Tami is whether the reality of owning your own fitness studio is the dream job it appears to be. She explained the ins and outs:
Ha, the reality is there is a lot of work behind the scenes!! It’s not a 9-5 job and there are a lot of fires to put out at times. That being said, it is such a rewarding job! You are a leader in a company, someone who leads staff to be positive and motivating! We lead people to be their best selves, we motivate people to push themselves past limits, we guide people to leave the stress behind for an hour and we teach people how to be healthier! We provide a community for like-minded people to find a space to come and connect with others and we provide a safe space for everyone to connect. For all of that, it is a dream job and one that I am proud to have had for the past 12 years!  
As someone who’s built her career on helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle while balancing the demands of modern life, we were curious where Tami goes when she’s in need of information or advice herself. No surprise: It’s her team! 
I have 2 studios and instructors who are personal trainers, NASM certified, Physical Therapists, etc. They are my knowledge, my inspiration when I need ideas for new exercises. We have a health coach on our staff and she is our inspiration for healthy eating tips! We have mindfulness coaches and therapists on our team and for stress relieving methods or online meditations, we use them as resources! They are my inspiration! 
Personal style is often a reflection of lifestyle. As a busy mom and business owner, we asked Tami about flats and their role in a modern woman’s wardrobe. 
Whatever I wear needs to be comfortable. Flats are an essential part of a modern woman's wardrobe because they are practical, make traveling throughout the day more efficient and they keep us grounded, literally. I am around people all the time and I go from work to lunch with friends to activities with my kids. I have a large network since I own studios and know a lot of people so I always want to be fashionable when going around town and from studio to studio. Flats are the perfect shoe for me since they dress up a workout outfit and can be dressy enough for lunch and help me look cute watching soccer!  

We love how Tami styles our Lia sandals. This collection was inspired by Colombian textures, Chicago elegance and city life. So we asked: Where can we find you in Chicago after a class at Salt? 

You can find me shopping at Felt, at lunch at Summer House with friends, running to Immaculate Conception in the afternoon to grab my kiddos, at the Chicago Fire Pitch for my kids soccer practice and on my fun Wolfram block for happy hour, socializing with neighbors! On the weekends, there is nothing like putting my Nini Mebuke sandals on for a date night at one of my favorite restaurants, Gibsons Italia or Ella Elli if we want to stay close to home.  

The Nini Mebuke Footwear ethos is all about marrying versatility and comfort. So we asked Tami how that mix fits into her personal style approach and if she has a go-to uniform.

Versatility is super important to me since I live in workout clothes but don’t love wearing gym shoes. I love to dress up my Lululemon outfit with a mule or the Lia Sandals so I can go shopping, out to lunch and run errands looking sporty but casual chic.  

Finally, we wanted to know what being a part of the Step Up Collective means to someone like Tami. 

For the 12 years of owning my own businesses I have always supported women businesses.  I believe women empowering women makes the world a stronger world.  So much of the success of small businesses owners or start up businesses is word of mouth and I love nothing else more than telling everyone I know our using my network to support others who I believe in, who are making quality products and who are doing good in the world!  So, being a part of Set Up Collective is important to me to be able to support others, to be a part of a network of strong, successful leaders who are making changes in the world.

The members of the Step Up Collective embody self-expression and style that inspires us every day. We’re grateful to Tami for sharing her story, tips and advice! To learn more about SALT, visit their website